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Slackline Competition Arena

| Slackline European Cup |

The greatest Slackline Competition ever held in Portugal 

Check out how it all happened at our Slackline competition. Get to know all the crazyness the went down on the arena and how good was this edition of the Slackline European Cup.

We had trickliners from 11 countrys fighting for the european title:

Rui Mimoso, André Antunes and Flávio Silva were the hosts, competing at their own country.

Oscar Cortegoso, Mikel Ros, and Marci Foca came from Spain. Kristjan Kullama from Estonia, Vlad Komissarov and Nikolay from Russia, Vadim Balash from Ukrain and Louis Boniface from France.

In the first place, for the second year in a row, a french trickliner, Louis Boniface, that replaced Valetin Huet, who won the previous edition.

In the second place Oscar Cortegoso, from Spain, followed by his fellow countryman, Mikel Ros de Zarobe.

The remaining riders that got into the finals, but not in the podium, ended up by this order:
4º – Marius Kitowski 
5º – Marcel Foca Cervià
6º – Rui Mimoso
7º – Flávio Silva
8º – Kristjan Kullamaa
9º – Vlad Komissarov
10º – Vadim Balash
11º – Nikolay Shelamov
12º – André Antunes

Check below the scores and the videos, broadcasted live on facebook, that covered all the heats and battles of the competition.

The riders that got into this slackline competition

Get to know, on each rider page, a bit about him and how he managed the qualification for Slackline European Cup 2019.

Finals – Heat 2 

  • slackline european cup finals heat 2
  • louis boniface mikel ros
  • flávio silva oscar cortegoso
  • kristjan kullamma marci foca

Finals – Heat 1

  • Slackline european cup finals heat 1
  • oscar cortegoso marci foca
  • louis boniface marius
  • flavio silva mikel ross
  • Kristjan Rui Mimoso

Qualifiers – Heat 2 

  • qualifiers heat 2 batles
  • oscar cortegoso louis boniface
  • Marci foca krisjtan Kullamma
  • mikel ros vs marius kitowski
  • Rui Mimoso Nikolay Shelamov

Qualifiers – Heat 1

  • slackline european cup qualifiers heat 1
  • andre antunes vlad komissarov
  • orcar cortegoso marius kitowski
  • flavio silva vadim balash
  • louis boniface marcel foca
  • Nikolay Shlamov Kristjan kullamma
  • mikel ros rui mimoso

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FBest Trick Contest Winner –  Nikolay Shemalov  

“In name of the Slackline European Cup organization, we want to THANK our Judges, Ezequiel Troncoso and Oscar, the amazing sponsors, Monkeybiz Slackline Shop , Slack-mountain and LineGrip Corp. Ltd., Município de Fornos de Algodres, its people and the crowd for allowing this event to become real.”

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