Longline slackline,

a never ending challenge

Longline slackline, a never ending challenge

Longline slackline is category or branch where the challenge is to walk longer and longer lines. More tensioned or saggy, with higher or lower anchors, the focus is always the same: sending the line”.

What determines if we are doing slackline or longline (as a distinct kind of slackline) is just line lenght. From 40 meters it can already be considered a longline. From then on, everything is possible, as long as there are spaces with conditions for setting up longer and longer lines.

The world record was set in September 2019, by Joshua Leupolz, with a 615 meters line . The previous registration has already lasted 4 years. In 2015, Alexander Schulz reached a mark of 610 meters. The previous year, Nathan Paulin and Theo Sanson had raised the bar to 601 meters.

The reality is that the difficulty with beating this record lies in the difficulty of finding terrain that allows longer lines due to the “sag”.

This can be seen on the highline records that keep going up.

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