Highlining,pure adrenaline

Highlining is a branch of slackline that is practiced at great heights, between mountains, buildings, bridges or whatever. It is a great challenge and a kind of slackline in which the mental and mindset are far more important than the technical and physical ability.

This form of slackline provides an incredible adrenaline rush and also has a great impact on the viewer as well. With the exception of freesolo, where the athlete is purposely unsafe, the highliner is permanently secured by a harness, attached to the main slackline line and, at the same time, to a lifeline, slackline webbing or rope. This sub-modality, where high risks are involved and accidents are potentially fatal, should be practiced according to strict safety criteria, without giving rise to chance. Note: Accidente already happened and the are reports of highlining deaths.

Kinds of Highlining
Faith Dickey

Putre Highline, With faith

Highline shoulderstand samuel volery

Samuel Volery doing a shoulder bounce

Faith Dickey

It is Faith Dickey in high heels, not freesolo.

highline rigging

Not Faith Dickey on High heels, it is José Ferreira of Western Riders Team rigging a highline

Meet the Highlining Team, Western Riders

Western Riders

WESTERN RIDERS Western Riders, the portuguese highline team Western Riders, the portuguese highline team The Western Riders are the main group on the highline scene in Portugal. With epic projects and the creation of new high-line routes, as the crazy slackline in Nazaré, they always bring spectacular images of highlining and portuguese [...]

Highlining riders interviews