What is Slacklining? 

What is Slacklining?

What is slacklining?” is a question that seems simple and quick to answer. But it’s not the case. Slacklining is a sport that consists of practicing balance on a dynamic line, stretched between two fixed points. The slackliner can walk on it or perform dynamic or static tricks.

This is a very general and reductive perspective, suitable only for low-altitude slackline practice. To really understand what slackline consists of, we must understand that it is a multi-modal sport. It can be practiced in different contexts and with different goals, being generally subcategorized.

To say what is slacklining has to include the modalitys

o que é slackline . longlining
Rui Mimoso trickline
o que é slackline
what is slacklining - longline slackline
what is slacklining - rodeoline

What is slacklining also has to do with tandem, waterline and yoga

what is slacklining - waterline
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