Doing a Elephant Slacklines review, today, is not a very different exercise than we would do in 2012 or 2013, when the brand was a prominent figure on the international slackline scene.

The truth is that this German brand, which has always stood out for it’s quality, was unable to develop new products, suitable for a sport in permanent evolution and ended behind it’s competitors.

If in 2013 Elephant Slacklines covered the many strands of  slackline with a dozen products, today, after being acquired by the great rival Gibbon, it only offers kits up to 25 meters and little more. So let’s go into the products that are still available.

Elephant Slacklines Review: Flashline Kit’s

We call flashline kit’s to all the kits the include slackline webbing + ratchet in which the line is the same, the flash line. What varies between them are the setup systems, the length of the line and the type of ratchet.

Rookie Flash Line SET – 15 meters | 79,95€

  • The Rookie is a 15m slackline, 5 centimeters wide, with a small ratchet and may or may not include tree protection.
  • For a beginner kit, the Polyester Flash Line is very good. It has elasticity, has good walking sensation, grip and, with a tensioning system suitable for trickline, you can try the first jumps. With regard to the line itself, among beginner kits, it is a better option than, for example, the  Gibbon Classic. On the other hand, the webbing is not that smooth and inviting for some tricks such as double drop knee and other static ones.
  • It has a robust ratchet and it is a quite resistant line, ideal when we you are still learning how to setup a slackline.

Addict Flash Line SET – 25 meters | 114,95€

The addict kit is very similar to the previous one, with two differences:

  • It has 25 meters
  • It has a longarm rachet (a bigger ratchet)

Besides, everything is absolutely the same, the line is the same, just longer and easier to tension. We can even, as in the case of Rookie, acquire it with or without tree protections.

Freak Flash Line  – 25 meters | 114,95€

In what concerns to the line, it is the same again, but it comes with a tensioning system that allows to setup a trickline. Tree protections, good slings, robust industrial schakles and a longarm ratchet are all you need to start jumping.

Since the Freak Flash Line kit is available with 15 and 25 meters, it is important to say, for those whose intention is to start tricklining, it is advisable to choose the longer version. The longer the trickline, the more amplitude it provides and the less it hurts our back, especially the lower back.

In what concerns to durability and life span, there is nothing to point to this product, quite the contrary. Regarding this it is far superior to several options, such as Gibbon Surfline.

On the other hand, speaking of softness, the Freak is a hard line, not soft at all. Not ideal for our body, especially in static tricks, fast and hard landings.

Elephant Slacklines Review: other pieces of gear

In addition to the Flash Line kits, in this Elephant Slackline Review, we could not forget some more slackline kits and other products that deserve to be highlighted.

Pocketline – 13 meters | 29.95€

Pocketline, considering its purpose, which is to be a light and

como escolher um slackline

super easy to carry kit, which can be used at any time, is an excellent product. Perhaps the best the market has to offer and, therefore, it had to be mentioned in this  Elephant Slacklines review.

In addition to the light and thin line, with 13 meters and 2.5 centimeters wide, which gives a good feeling when walking, the primitive tensioning system ensures that this set, with only 850 grams, actually fits in a pocket, like its name suggests.

It includes tree protectors, two schakles and a  chain lock type line locker.

Elephant Garden Kit – 10 meters | 324.25€

This kit consists of all the elements needed to setup a slackline on the grass, without the need of trees. A piles system to anchor the line and two A-frames, allow tensioning and lifting  the line of the ground level.

The Garden kit includes a complete slackline (Ecoline webbing), 5 cm wide, that can be assembled with 10 walkable meters.

Wing Set Blue – 25 meters | 124.95€

This kit, with 25 meters of the good old Bluewing webbing, 2.5 cm wide, is an excellent challenge for those who imagine themselves evolving to longline. The super elastic line makes slacklining even  funier and stimulating.

Although, except for the line, it is a kit that has exactly the same components as the Freak Flash Line, it is not ideal for those who intend to practice trickline.


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