Gibbon Surfline Review

Before starting our Gibbon Surfline Review we have to remember that we are talking about one of the most iconic slacklines there is.

After the Jibline, Surfline became the best trickline on the market for a long time, having made the delights those looking for more and more amplitude.

This Gibbon line had a great impact, essentially due to the amplitude capacity and its smoothness, however, it always had drawbacks and less strong points.

Gibbon Surfline: Components e Features

This 30 meter line (including the turnstile line) includes:

  • A large ratchet;
  • Two tree protectors;
  • 5 centimeter wide slackline, with 30 meters (27.5 meters of useful line).

Line type:

  • Polyester slackline;
  • Rubber printing;
  • Breaking load of 30 kN.
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Gibbon Surfline Review: aplication, advantages and disadvantages

This line is definitely designed for trickline. It was for this purpose that it was developed, although the requirements of a trickliner, today, ask for a little more in terms of equipment and resistance. If the line itself can satisfy any trickliner, the kit will be more suitable for beginner trickliners.

Strong points:

  • Amplitude: it is a slackline with a lot of thrust and with few lateral oscillations.
  • Very smooth: it is a line with a good touch, facilitating and inviting the more painful bounces, with shins or back.
  • Setup: it is super simple and fast.
  • Price: it is relatively low, when compared with other more advanced tricklines.


  • Durability: its smoothness comes at a cost. The line tends to be damaged in the area where it is attached to the ratchet. Once it starts to unravel it never stops. The most likely is that with intense use it lasts less than a year. To make it last as long as possible, we recommend using a soft release.
  • Folds and pops: when the line is well tensioned, it tends to fold over itself. When this happens it gets waves, making it less comfortable and popping with each bounce.
  • As a trickline kit, it is quite incomplete: it is clear that when doing a Gibbon Surfline review we could look at this line as a normal slackline. But we decided to evaluate it as a trickline, as it is sold and advertised. And, from that point of view, it is a very incomplete kit. For safety reasons, tricklines should include slings that are more resistant. On the other hand, the fact that it includes only one ratchet makes it difficult to apply the necessary tension for more demanding tricks.

Gibbon Surfline Review Score

[usrlist "Amplitude:4" Usability:4 "Setup:4" "Lifespan:2" "Safety:3" avg="true"]


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